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I said I'd help compile some previous results from [livejournal.com profile] ncisficfind

So, clearly, the smart thing to do was to dive into the deep end of the pool, and go through all the crossover tags. *headdesk*

You can also look for NCIS crossovers at [livejournal.com profile] nciscrossovers or [livejournal.com profile] crossover_news's NCIS tag.

Of Masks and Men, various slash pairings, CSI: NY, CSI, CSI: Miami, Law And Order: SVU, Las Vegas, House M.D, Criminal Minds
24/Criminal Minds/NCIS
Falling in and Crawling Out various slash pairings
Techno-Knight McGee/Xander/Speed
Alejandro DiNozzo, Slash/Het
NCIS/The Sentinel/Without a Trace
Missing (also The Sentinel) Martin/Sam, Martin/Danny/Jack, Tony/Gibbs, Tony/Burke, Abby/Tim/Ziva, Jim/Blair
Unruly Subordinates and Stubborn Supervisors, various slash pairings

Falling in and Crawling Out, also Criminal Minds, various slash pairings

12 Days of Crossovers: Four Shots Taken in a Game of I Never" Angela, Abby/Gibbs
I Already Own My Own Body of Water Ziva/Brennan
Elf Lord gen.
Skips in the Night Zack/Abby

Navy Watcher Series, Tony/Xander
Techno-Knight Tony/Xander/Speed (from CSI:Miami)
Alejandro DiNozzo, Slash/Het, PG-13, (also crossover with CSI:Miami)

The Book of Dendeyra, Helping Tony, and Watch out San Francisco, Here come the DiNozzo's!. Tony is related to the Charmed sisters.

Criminal Minds:
Sucked, Tony/Spencer
Cross Jurisdictions, Tony/Ziva
Survival Part 1 and Part 2 - abandoned WIP

12 Hours, Gil/Greg, Gibbs/DiNozzo.
Burn On Big River, Greg/Abby.
It's Always You, DiNozzo/Danny
My Strength, DiNozzo/Danny
Like Family, Gen.
Talented Hands Warrick/Tony
Unruly Subordinates and Stubborn Supervisors, various slash pairings

CSI: Miami
Techno-Knight Tony/Xander(from Buffy)/Speed
Miami Vacation - set in Terrorist Trap ATF AU
A Petty Officer in New York, Slash (Danny/Speed/Tony)
Alejandro DiNozzo, Slash/Het, PG-13, (also crossover with BTVS)
Buried Memories, Gen, also CSI:NY
Sunday Morning Speed/Tony

It's Always You, Tony/Danny
My Strength, Tony/Danny
Like Family, gen
A Petty Officer in New York, Slash (Danny/Speed/Tony)
Up For Anything, Slash (Danny/Tony)
Buried Memories, Gen, also CSI:Miami
Firestorm Series, Gibbs/Mac (also at http://fatedmates.com/)
Danny's World, Danny/Mac, Gibbs/DiNozzo

Dark Angel
Bookends(prequel), Concurrent Jurisdiction, and Minimum contacts (sequel) Tony, Logan/Max. Tony and Logan Cale are cousins.
Designation? What Designation? (possibly unrelated to the other three) Tony, Logan/Max. Tony and Logan Cale are cousins.
Complete Tony and Logan are twins
The Search for Sandeman Max/Logan
Dark Secrets, gen, also xover with SPN
Big Big Plans, Tony, Logan, gen
Minimum Contacts, Tony, Logan, Max, gen
A Step to the LeftTony, Logan, Kate, gen

Doctor Who:

Due South:
Not Quite A sequel - Gifts Gibbs/Ducky, Abby/McGee, Fraser/Vecchio

Amanda's Gift - abandoned WIP, Gibbs/DiNozzo

A Sympathetic Ear, gen
Full Circle, slash

Houston Knights
Reflections, Slash.

Law and Order: Special Victim's Unit

Shaitan Kate/Gibbs, Eliot/Olivia
NCIS Meets Manhattan SVU

Magnificent Seven:
Terrorist Trap series

Magnum, P.I.:
Fortune's Son young Tony, Magnum

Man from U.N.C.L.E:

Sapphire and Steel:
A Timely Lesson; Gibbs/Ducky, Silver/Steel
Thicker Than Water, A Common Dilemma (part 1) and A Common Dilemma (part 2); Gibbs/Ducky, Silver/Steel

The Sentinel:
Change series, Gibbs/DiNozzo, Jim/Blair
Awakening, Gibbs/DiNozzo (also here, with sequels
The Taste of You, Gibbs/DiNozzo
How to be a Guide in Three Easy Steps - Not!
A Sense of Timing - abandoned WIP

Stargate Universe
There is a list of Stargate and Stargate Atlantis crossovers here

Stargate: Atlantis:
Agent Afloat Ziva in Atlantis
Hiding in Plain Sight - set in an alternate universe; read the story warnings.
Highly Classified and Very Hush-Hush and follow-up Strictly on a need-to-know basis

Stargate: SG-1:
The Truth Can Set You Free, Daniel/Tony, Gibbs/Tony, Jack/Daniel
Truth Hurts Gibbs/Tony, Daniel/Tony
The Thing About Assuming Jack/Daniel, Tony/Daniel

NCIS/SPN crossover list

Flying Alone and sequel Nosferatu Tony, Sam, Dean
Most Wanted
A Hundred Moments
Five That Got Away (NCISxSupernaturalxSarah Connor Chronicles)
NCIS and the Haunted Computer

Comings and Going Tony/Jack/Abby
105 Steps Ducky, Jack, Gwen, gen

The Unit:
Second B is for Bastard - third in a series, but first The Unit crossover.

The West Wing:
Shades of Love Gibbs/CJ, CJ/Danny, Gibbs/DiNozzo

Without a Trace:
Conflict, and its sequels Control and Sometimes the Box Bleeds, Tony/Martin.
Amnesia, Denial and Addiction Tony/Martin, Gibbs/Tony, Danny/Martin
Two Weeks Martin/Tony. WARNING: DARK!
Missing (also The Sentinel) Martin/Sam, Martin/Danny/Jack, Tony/Gibbs, Tony/Burke, Abby/Tim/Ziva, Jim/Blair

NCI...X? also here on livejournal
NCIS-X series
World of Hate and Fear

If you find a link here that doesn't work or doesn't go to where it says it does, please comment and let me know. I think I got everything, but...
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